Does Your Logo Represent Your Brand?

Does Your Logo Represent Your Brand?

Every company tries to create a logo that differentiates them from the competition and helps them attract the ideal customer. However, many fall short because they fail to truly represent the ethos and service offering of the business. Colouring in block initials or using a basic font will do little to promote your professional reputation let along represent it. So here are some considerations to help if you really want your logo to work hard for you.

Stand Out In The Modern World

Even if your company has been operating for 200 years, it is important you roll with the times. John Lewis was founded in 1864 but its logo has evolved to ensure the retail giant remains at the forefront of the very latest trends. Explore emerging styles, test modern typography and dabble with a varied colour pallet to find out what really reflects your organisational philosophy.

Colour Your World

Colours are incredibly important during the developmental phase of a logo. Colours promote different characteristics and emotions, making people think and behave in a certain way. Understanding what each colour represents will help you select a suitable hue that you can use consistently throughout your marketing materials.

Fonts Matter

Stylish fonts have always been an important aspect within the development of a logo but in recent years, the presentation of text has become an essential consideration. With so many fonts available to purchase, you can choose a font that is unique to your business sector. Avoid playful typography unless it can really represent your organisation and, even then, choose a design that stakeholders will take seriously.

Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to make a strong statement about your capabilities by incorporating a powerful strapline to accompany your logo. Create an effective and honest message that doesn’t offer cheesy promises.

Simplicity Is Best

Create a logo that succinctly represents your company and can be instantly recognised. Ensure your logo is used consistently across all communications, including your corporate stationery, company brochures, websites, office signage and vehicle livery. Creating brand guidelines is an effective way to ensure your logo will be applied correctly time and again, regardless of the application.

If you want to stand head and shoulders above the competition, create a strong brand identity that will differentiate your business in the marketplace. By considering the ethos, values and ongoing objectives of your business, your brand and logo will accurately and effectively communicate your products and services to your target audience.

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