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If you want to stand head and shoulders above the competition, Baabaa Design can develop a strong brand identity that will differentiate your business in the marketplace. We take the time to understand your business - its ethos, values, market and strategic objectives - to accurately and effectively communicate your products and services to your target audience.

We understand what it takes to create an innovative, memorable and successful brand. Developing a brand identity involves more than designing a quirky logo. By exploring your entire business ethos and what it means to your customers, we create a brand that is trusted and admired. We push boundaries and explore possibilities to create a good-looking brand that turns heads, attracts buyers and achieves sales.

Baabaa Design will design a distinctive logo and create a strong brand identity that present your company as a leading force in your industry.

The design process

Branding process - 1. Brief > 2. Research > 3. Conceptualisation > 4. Exploration > 5. Evaluation > 6. Delivery

1. Brief

We work with you to understand exactly what you want your brand and logo to portray. We want to know what makes you tick and gets your customers excited. We ask about your likes and dislikes. We want to know about your unique selling points, core values and company ethos. We will use all this information throughout the development of your logo design and launch of your brand identity.

2. Research

Once we understand your needs and aspirations for your brand, we will explore your marketplace. We will look at your competitors and analyse how they are performing. We use this information to ensure your organisation stands out as the most appealing in the market, creating the company of choice in your industry.

3. Conceptualisation

With a full understanding of your needs, business and industry, we get to work on developing your logo to create an impressive brand identity. We test different colour palettes, shapes, typefaces and styles to identify the exact way your business offering should be accurately communicated. We develop visuals and explore a range of ideas to find the best design to suit your business needs.

4. Exploration

At this outset of this stage we identify the logo designs drafted during conceptualisation that have the most potential. We question which logo design communicates what you do, will be most appealing to your target audience, has the greatest longevity and will appeal to you most! Once we have explored these and many more questions, we will be ready to present our ideas to you.

5. Evaluation

When we present our concepts to you we will explain the methodology behind our ideas. We want you to understand how we have reached our conclusions and why a chosen design will be effective. When evaluating a logo design, we need your feedback! We want you to be as considered and comprehensive as possible: brand development is a significant investment for any company and we want you to be sure you’ll get both a good return and a high performance brand identity.

6. Delivery

We will take all your feedback and make any required tweaks to the logo design. We then demonstrate how your brand will work across a range of marketing communications and internal documents. Your chosen logo will be supplied in various formants and, if required, brand guidelines will be produced to ensure all employees use your brand appropriately.

Once you have approved your new logo design, Baabaa Design can produce a host of marketing materials from stationery and brochures to websites and exhibitions stands, ensuring you maximise the potential of your stunning new brand!

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