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Fonts And Feelings

Fonts And Feelings(Posted on 28/04/16)

To truly connect with your target audience, your brand identity must incorporate the many facets of your business. The design of your logo, which often includes a particular style of font, must therefore work hard to communicate these various features quickly and effectively to influence the way your customers think about your business offering. So...

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Does Your Logo Represent Your Brand?

Does Your Logo Represent Your Brand?(Posted on 29/02/16)

Every company tries to create a logo that differentiates them from the competition and helps them attract the ideal customer. However, many fall short because they fail to truly represent the ethos and service offering of the business. Colouring in block initials or using a basic font will do little to promote your professional reputation let...

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Join The Responsive Revolution

Join The Responsive Revolution(Posted on 23/11/15)

In today’s fast-paced, evolving digital age, more people than ever before are accessing information via smartphones and tablets, and switching between devices as they move from the office to home and everywhere in between. It is therefore surprising that a vast majority of businesses, particularly SMEs, have dated websites that are incompatible...

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The Future Of Your Business Will Soon Depend On Having A Mobile Friendly Website

The Future Of Your Business Will Soon Depend On Having A Mobile Friendly Website(Posted on 03/03/15)

It wasn’t too long ago that having a mobile friendly website was just an option. When something new comes out it often takes time to gain a bit of attention. Going back ten years ago most people were happy with a laptop or desktop pc and did most of their surfing in the lunch hour at work or the odd evening at home. The big change came with the...

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5 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2015

5 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2015 (Posted on 17/02/15)

Not everyone likes to follow the trend, but in marketing and web design, keeping up with trends is one of the most important things you can do - even more so if you run a web design agency that specialises in this stuff!But it’s not just web designers who need to worry. Failing to keep up with trends can be a disaster for any kind of online...

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The Silent Seller Every Website Needs

The Silent Seller Every Website Needs (Posted on 23/01/15)

How long does it take the brain to identify something? A minute? Less than a minute?  Neuroscientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered that it can take as little as 13 milliseconds for the brain to register an image. The imnplications of this are extremely important for anyone considering having a website designed for their...

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